#Project727 Undefined (January 27th) Lyrics

Welcome to the mind of an undefined grinder
The outcast that outlasts any other rhymer
On time I’m ready for more
Ready for your
Hearts to pour
Would a thought I was from Hertfordshire
But I’m a Londoner
Raised in Hackney
And then moved to where the Gunners were
And I fell in love with her
Used to kick ball
Over at Market Road and Highbury
That was the livest scene
But this all declined you see
I learned to rhyme
My greatest find
First name Chris
Surname switched Columbus
Now look at the numbers
I bumbled but still unknown
Talent Home grown
Yet to blow like a trumpeteer
Oh my dear
Sweet heart
We will never depart
I loved you right from the start
So I will light these speakers up
Please raise your cup
To life
Good times prosperity
Whatever the weather be
Heavenly Steadily Readied the Remedy
Melodies Heavily Bedded with Energy
Tell a G
Nobody could tell FG
That he weren’t indefinitely
Born with the recipe
To rescue these
Fed with what’s incorrect
All over the internet
So I had to intercept
Indirectly as an MC
Please don’t push me
As I’m close to the edge
Putting the game to bed
Resurrecting the dead
And forgotten
They rhyme cotton

This is a new start and a new day
They ain’t holding me down no way
I’ll keep doing me
And one day you’ll see
I’ll go far far far far away